Sunday, March 2, 2014

Perflix of the Day

Two more going on the list today, and Pacific Rim is not one of them!  Read on.

Watched Pacific Rim (2013) for some escapism over the long weekend.  It was entertaining.  The dialogue was pretty terrible in places but the concept is interesting and Guillermo del Toro has once again made a visually captivating film and more than makes up for the writing.  There are some strange little subplot performances - the two scientists come to mind.  But especially Ron Perlman as Hannibal Chao - weird.  Worth a watch but I wouldn't send it to the top of your queue or anything.

My wife Liz and I both enjoyed Hyde Park on Hudson, a very interesting historical film that made me want to read biographies of Franklin and Eleanor. It also left me longing for the countryside and unspoiled landscapes.  Let me just say I love Bill Murray and he hits a home run in this one as FDR - FDR!?  Who would have predicted that 30 years ago after watching Ghostbusters?  I really fell in love with him with Lost in Translation.  That's one I had overlooked when putting my list together a few weeks ago but I have watched it half a dozen times and it's definitely going on the list today.  The best thing about watching "Hudson" was that it reminded me of The King's Speech which is, in a word, triumphant and makes the list only now due to my oversight.

Got a new tv today.  Someday I'll tell you what happened to the last one…Anyhoo, decided to take it for a test drive with Brokeback Mountain given the incredibly beautiful cinematography, camera work and soundtrack.  This 2005 Ang Lee film is an absolute gem in every way and I can't help but write about it a little.  The writing (Larry McMurtry & Diana Ossana) is beautiful, the acting doing it justice with Jake Gylenhall doing the charming (and that very well) and Heath Ledger brings in such a heartfelt performance that you ache for him the whole way.  I should also  mention that Michelle Williams gives an outstanding performance, and honorable mention to Anne Hathaway who is lovely.  It is a touching love story and some of the best film-making ever.  The three academy awards it did win (Direction, Screenplay, Score) don't do it justice.  Ledger was the best and this was the best movie, but Hollywood politics prevailed.

Next up: Elysium, All the Pretty Horses, American Beauty, and Up

Here are my Perflix as of today, in no particular order - being OCD I know I will have to rank them someday.  I wonder how many will be on this list by the time this thing runs its course.
  1. Alien
  2. Top Gun
  3. Ferris Bueller's Day Off
  4. The Road
  5. Warm Bodies
  6. The Shining
  7. School of Rock
  8. Say Anything
  9. High Fidelity
  10. Fight Club
  11. Risky Business
  12. Star Wars
  13. Brokeback Mountain
  14. Animal House
  15. Jerry McGuire
  16. Silver Linings Playbook
  17. Dallas Buyers Club
  18. Raiders of the Lost Ark
  19. No Country for Old Men
  20. Tangled
  21. Children of Men
  22. War Games
  23. 28 Days Later
  24. The Graduate
  25. From Dusk Till Dawn
  26. Lost in Translation
  27. The King's Speech

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